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Top ten brands of wooden doors, top ten brands of wardrobes

Brand List

  • Expo Gate

    Expo Gate

    In the competition of world-class brands, Roland has become a strategic partner of the German Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo due to its “German quality”.

  • Luban Award

    Luban Award

    The "Oscar" Luban Award for engineering quality is the ultimate dream of every brand. Roland, inheriting the spirit of artisans, dreams come true

  • CCTV News Lists Brands

    CCTV News Lists Brands

    At CCTV, the highest hall of Chinese brands, Roland shoulders the social responsibility of environmental protection.

  • Consumer Gold Word of Mouth Brand

    Consumer Gold Word of Mouth Brand

    Gold cup and silver cup are not as good as consumers' reputation. In the age of the Internet, the hearts and minds of the people of the Internet have built a reputation.

  • Top ten brands of wooden doors in China

    Top ten brands of wooden doors in China

    Online voting, professional evaluation, and customer surveys let us witness the power of the Roland brand together.

  • Top ten brands of Chinese wardrobes

    Top ten brands of Chinese wardrobes

    "Italian design" brand positioning creates more design value for customers and also creates better brand value for Roland

Focus on Roland

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Product Case

Wooden door system

    Roland wooden door
  • MJ02-B04P-KT3-Red Oak Mountain Pattern British Gold
  • MJ03-02X-KT2-French grey matte
  • [Roland Wooden Door] 1 Magnolia White Matt
  • [Roland Wooden Door] 2 Magnolia White Matt
  • [Roland wooden door] MJ03-06--KT3-sand
  • [Roland Wooden Door] MJ07-02-KT4-Diamond

Wardrobe system

  • YT01-02-T0-Angel white piano paint
  • [Roland wardrobe] YT03--05-Noah
  • [Roland wardrobe] YT03--05-Noah

Wall panel system

  • The "lighting" of modern Jianoufeng furniture
  • Advantages of solid wood siding

Wooden door encyclopedia

  • What kind of material is good for wooden doors? According to Roland's wooden doors, the wooden door products on the market do have solid wood doors, solid wood composite doors, and lacquered doors. The prices of wooden doors are not much different. The price of all solid wood doors and solid wood composite doors does not include hardware locks. Usually special
  • Is the bedroom sliding door safe? 2019-10-29 15:37:21
    Is the bedroom sliding door safe? Roland Wooden Door, do you think your bedroom sliding door is really safe? Have you ever worried that its glass door core will inadvertently break? Ever thought the door leaf would fall? Or a series of questions on the track
  • What should I do if the paint on the wooden door surface is foaming? Let's see the solution! Roland wooden door introduction, the paint on the surface of the wooden door is foaming? Don't worry, prescribe the right medicine and cure it! First of all, we must fully realize that the form of the problem of foaming paint on the surface of wooden doors is
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